Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun...NOT!

I'm writing this mainly for family, I don't suspect that many others surf my blog anyway lol.
So, in July I had this episode where I had a sharp pain in my side. It happened twice in one week. I called the advice nurse, and they had me come in to see the doctor. He told me it was either a kidney stone, or diverticulitis. I wasn't having the pain anymore, so he said to leave a message for him if I had it again. He did some tests too. At that point I really thought it was a kidney stone.

This week I had the pain again. It hit about midnight, and I couldn't get rid of it until about 4:30 am. I couldn't find any comfortable position, and couldn't find any way to relieve the pain. I really didn't want to go in to the emergency room because I knew that I would be sitting for hours on a hard chair, and have to pay through the nose to do it. So I toughed it out until morning, then got an appointment with a doctor. My doctor is out of town for the week. :S

Oh, I meant to mention that I did finally take a shower and the heat helped the pain to relax. That convinced me that it wasn't a kidney stone. The doctor was convinced too, so put me on two different antibiotics, and did some more tests. I am REALLY hoping I don't have to do a colonoscopy...especially after having to do a mammogram/torture test already this week.

I was feeling much better until I ate something I shouldn't have for dinner last night and suffered most of today. But I learned my lesson, so am on a milder diet until I get better. Who knows, maybe I'll even lose some weight!


Amber said...

just thought i'd let you know...i have a blog too now :) - amber

Nene said...

I think we discussed this this summer, but what side is your pain on? Because if it is on your right side, do not wait - go to the emergency room now in case it is appenticitis. I have had too much experience with burst appendix.

Delirious said...


Othersideblue said...

here I have a nice feeling finding you , we may share many feelings and thoughts inspite of the distance and the culture we are in ..

am going to read ur posts an views now .. just wanted tell u that am somone who is surfing and enjoying ur blog outside ur family circle..

take care