Sunday, September 02, 2007

Britain's Idol : Paul Potts

Last night I was trying to think of the operas I have seen. I could not remember the names, so today I did a little research. Here are the ones I have seen:

--Il Trovatore
This was my favorite of all the ones I had seen. I feel like an opera story needs to be dramatic, and this fit the bill.
--Die Fleidermaus
I wasn't so fond of this opera, maybe because it was a comedy. The costumes, music, acting, and singing were great, but I wasn't that fond of the story line. However, I was able to hear a counter tenor for the first time. Very unusual and interesting.
I really like this story line, very interesting, and the sets were amazing.

I have a friend who commented that she liked Andrea Bocelli's version of a certain song more than Pavarotti/ Domingo/ Carreras singing it. I have to say that I have never been much of a Bocelli fan. His voice is okay at times, but occasionally it sounds to me like he loses control of his vibratto and it starts to have a sort of machine-gun sound to me. I think this is the same reason I don't like Josh Groban. They are okay up to a point, but the lack of that slight slip sets the other great tenors apart. Case in point, check out this video of the Britain Idol winner who is an amateur opera singer. Paul Potts has a very nice voice, and does well up to a point, but if you listen carefully, there are moments when he loses a little control. I'm no expert, but I know what I like. :)

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Nene said...

I do see what you mean, but I still think he has a great voice. He needs a voice coach to teach him. Also...why can I never hear that song without crying?