Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Joys of Mammograms

Ten Top Reasons to Get a Mammogram
10. You make sure you don't have breast cancer
9. You get to bare your chest to a lab technician
8. You get to have your breasts smashed in a vice
7. You get to find out just how tough your breasts are and how much punishment they can take.
6. You can feel like the amazing rubber woman
5. You come out looking a little more "perky" than when you went in.
4. You forgot all about the headache you went in with.
3. You now know, without hesitation, that women are tougher than men.
2. If you are lucky, there will be swelling and you will increase a cup size.

And the number one reason to get a mammogram:

1. You get to wear one of these.

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