Monday, August 13, 2007

Elvis LIVES!

I took my daughter to the airport in Oakland. I helped her get her luggage checked in because I was afraid it would go over the weight limit. (Not only did it NOT go over the weight limit, they let her take THREE pieces of luggage! lucky lucky girl) While we were standing in line I noticed a man standing in another line nearby who was the spitting image of ELVIS!

Not only did this guy have the Elvis huge metallic glasses, and the jet black hair in Elvis style, but he also had the sideburns. I kept wondering if he was an Elvis impersonator. I quietly pointed him out to my kids, and we chuckled about him.

A few minutes later, we were standing with her while she waited in line for the security check. There was a business man standing ahead of us in line. Suddenly, he turned and said out loud, (to no one in particular, but to everyone I guess) "I just saw Elvis!". It made me laugh, and I told him we had seen him too.

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