Thursday, March 15, 2007


Every so often someone comments on one of my posts and asks a question. I don't always get around to answering them. I thought I would do a short update of a couple of things that were asked.

1. Blog Game
Remember the picture of my companion eating something strange looking? That was Japanese Tempura Prawns. In Taiwan they have BIG prawns. I could have eaten some, but I love sushi, so spent most of my time eating sushi.

2. Dead Bird Tree

I don't know what kind of tree that is, but I think it is a fruitless pear. I have one in my back yard that looks very much like the stinky trees. If that is what it is, then I take back everything bad I said about them because I love my fruitless pear. It's leaves are so pretty in favorite tree to see when the leaves change color.

3. Chinese Character

Someone asked the characters for I Love You.

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