Sunday, March 18, 2007

Senior Moment

I know it isn't nice to laugh at others, but something happened today that I could totally see myself doing. So I like to think that I'm laughing with her, not at her.

I was sitting in church today behind some older women. This one in particular I really admire because she is so beautiful, and such a wonderful person. I'm not sure what she was looking for, but she picked up her purse during the meeting and started frantically searching for something. She was wearing her glasses, so she obviously wasn't looking for her glasses. I am not sure what it was that was so important. She acted like she was getting a little desparate because she couldn't find whatever it was. She searched in every pocket of the purse and was clearly getting frustrated. Finally she turned to the woman next to her with a look that said, "Why can't I find it?". The woman stared at her and took the purse from her.....or should I say took HER purse from her. The lady laughed when she realized she had been searching the wrong purse. :)


Photo_For_You said...

You must be nice...I always enjoy laughing at people. :)

Lindsay-Weaver said...

A lot of people are nicer than you, PI

deputymomof6 said...

LOL, that will be me when I am old. My grandmother had alzheimers, and I am already forgetful. Poor Hubby!!