Monday, January 29, 2007


I really believe that sometimes animals come in to your life for a reason. I like animals, but I don't think I'm as much of an animal lover as most true animal lovers. Maybe having children that demand my attention makes it hard for me to really bond with an animal right now. But I do like animals, and think they are really important in our lives.

A friend of mine had a little dog that she dearly loved. This dog loved her too, and would pine away the day if she left her home alone. It didn't matter that the other family members were home, this little dog would sit on the stairs and mope until my friend got home. Recently my friend began to have a strong feeling that she should get a second dog. She got a little yorkie puppy that is so cute. One day not long after, the two dogs were playing in the front yard while the family brought some gardening materials in through the side gate. When my friend went to bring the dogs in the back, the older dog was gone. She wasn't a dog that would wander, and they looked everywhere but couldnt' find her, so they think she was stolen. My friend put up flyers all throughout the neighborhood. She took flyers to every vet, and every groomer, and every pound. The dog has not been seen since. But the little yorkie has helped her deal with the loss of her other dog.

My next friend had a dog for about 11 years. She was a lab mix, a really nice dog. She actually was a best friend to my dog. After Hurricane Katrina, my friend was given the chance to adopt another lab puppy from the animals that had been rescued during Katrina. Many of the owners were homeless and couldn't take care of their animals. My friend debated about whether or not to take the dog because they have a small yard, and already had a dog. But circumstances prevailed, and they did adopt this wonderful lab puppy. His personality is really nice. Not long after they adopted him, the older dog developed some serious health problems. Surgery was not an option, and they didn't want her to suffer, so eventually they had her put down. The lab puppy helped to fill the gap that was left when they lost their old dog.

Now my story. I had seen a Martha Stewart program that highlighted chinchillas. I thought they were very interesting creatures, and very beautiful, I thought it would be so fun to have some. I kind of filed it in that place where I put all of my dreams that I don't know how to obtain. (Oh, by the way, those dreams include getting a Welsh Terrier) Out of the blue, I was given a chance to adopt a mother and two baby chinchillas. I knew I might never get the chance again, so I jumped at the opportunity. About that same time, I was given the church position of Relief Society president. This is a high stress assignment. I had to deal with alot of stressful situations. This position is in many ways like working in social work. I felt inadequate at times to measure up to what was expected of me. But every night I would get out my chinchillas and let them run and play, and it would just relax me. I really think having them helped me during that time.

We have two old animals in our family now. One is a dog that is about 12 years old. The other is a cat that is about the same age. Recently I keep finding myself thinking that I would like to get my youngest son a kitten for his birthday in a couple of months. I know there is hassle that comes with animals, but I sort of think that maybe there is a reason for this. It will be interesting to see how this next animal will touch our lives.

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deputymomof6 said...

I know how you feel. We are in the process of potty training two young puppies, and sometimes it is hard to determine which one has made the mess. However, they are so loved by everyone.... it's hard to imagine not getting them.