Monday, January 29, 2007

Baby You Can Drive My Car (Native Minnow will be so proud)

I went and registered my son for driver's training today. I am SO excited! I know most parents hate their teenagers to drive, but I love it! I have never really liked to drive, I would much rather someone else drive for me. It doesn't bother me to have my kids drive, I don't get nervous or scared, I really like it. Hmmmm...maybe I should take up a career as a driving instructor.

The other thing I like about having my son get his license is that he can eventually drive himself and his brother to school. Remember I said I don't like driving? Well, I HATE making the drive to pick up kids from school. I can't wait til my son can drive himself!

While I"m on the subject, I noticed something weird about myself today. I went to another city to sign my son up for driver's training because their main office is there and I needed to get the certificate from them because his driver's test is in two days. I didn't trust that they would get it mailed to me in time. As I was driving, I kept getting a little lost. The Bay area has so many cities that border with each other that you can drive from one in to the other without ever knowing it. I'm not that familiar with these cities anyway, I just have a gut feeling for which direction I need to go, and I do know some of the major streets, so I just watch out for those. But while I was driving around, I noticed that I really do talk to myself alot when I'm driving.

Okay, I don't have like major conversations and pick daisies off the wall while I'm doing it, but I just talk out loud alot to myself. When I first noticed it today, I had this subconcious fear that maybe it isn't normal. I would say things like, "Oops, that wasn't the best place to turn"...or "Wow, that sound from my brakes wasn't very good". Mainly I was telling myself where to turn. "Oh I need that street if I'm going to get to the freeway.". The thing was, I would say something and wonder if it was weird to be talking out loud. Then I would start thinking about something else and drive farther and then out of the blue find myself talking out loud again. It wasn't a conscious thing.

Oh, and did I mention that my husband says I have the worst sense of direction of anyone he knows? Don't ever ask me to point north. And don't ever drop me in the middle of a city I don't know very well. I could be lost in there for days.

Well, I guess I've talked about driving you crazy?


kris said... I must have inherited my direction sense from you.

Inside Stories said...

You inherited it from me, Kris, but it must be a gene we got from somewhere, because I am terrible that way, too.

Stick said...

It must be a repressive gene, because I have a great sense of direction, and rarely get lost. Granted, I may have trouble finding a place the first time--usually not--but I can always get back to that place again, and can always find my way home, even if I just have to backtrack all the way out the way I came.