Sunday, December 24, 2006


My daughter switched her major to film, and is always giving me suggestions for good movies and documentaries to watch. She just came home for the holidays, and suggested we watch a documentary called "New York Dolls". She had to watch this for a final exam, and write a paper about it. It's a very interesting story about a man who was in a very influential rock band in the 70's, who burned out and eventually joined our church. It isn't just about his band (although it does document the influence this band had world wide at the height of it's poplularity) but is more about how he changed on his journey. I have to admit that he seemed to have some mental disability that was probably caused by drugs and other poor life choices. But what I came away with was a clear picture of what a genuinely good soul he had. If you are looking for an interesting documentary to rent, check it out.


Anonymous said...

What band was it?

Delirious said...

New York Dolls