Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fabulous Forties

Something happened to me when I turned 40. I have talked to other women my age, and they have also had this experience. When I turned 40 I suddenly had this deeper sense of who I was.....more of a certainty about who I was. I felt more free to speak my mind, to say what I think, to offer opinions. I cared less about what others thought about me. It is an overall total sense of well-being.

I sometimes wonder if it is a sort of developmental milestone. When my children were babies I used to read, "What to expect the first year" to see what developments to expect from them each month. My daughter was a textbook baby. If the book said, "This month your baby will roll over.", my daughter would roll over for the first time on almost exactly the day she turned that month older.

What if there were a book written about what to expect about developments in grown women. I think the chapter on age 40 would say: "This year you will find yourself and have a greater sense of who you are. You will feel more comfortable about yourself. You will care less about how you look. You will care less about what others think about you. You will feel more free to speak your mind."

I would be interested to hear comments from other women who are 40 and older. I think they will agree, forty is fabulous!

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Inside Stories said...

For me it was 42. The weird thing was, I kept thinking from the time I was in my 20s that when I turned 42 my life was going to take a turn, and that was it. (PLUS I moved to Flaming Gorge then :0) )Also, it was when I turned 40 that I began wearing sandals year round. I was sad to put them away for the winter, and suddenly wondered who was making me. I then began to have the philosophy that God's laws and the laws of the country are meant to be obeyed, but other laws such as "put your sandals away in September" and "cut your hair when you hit 40" are meant to be broken. I'd sure like to still look like I am 23 though. :0)