Sunday, October 01, 2006

Comic Relief

Someone who doesn't know me might read this blog and think that I am a very serious person. I'm actually not, although I have alot of serious thoughts. I decided I needed to add some comic relielf to my blog. I decided I want to write here some of the funny things my kids have said. Alas, I wasn't a good Mom for my youngest child and didn't keep a good record of his sayings, so wasn't able to find any of his to include here.

T--my daughter

--T in all seriousness asked me one day, "Can we plant some marshmallows in our garden?"

--T learned to talk very young. One day we were traveling in the car. She kept asking for a bottle. I kept telling her I didn't have one. She still kept asking for one. Finally (I'm a bad Mom...) I pretended to hand her an imaginary bottle and said, "Here is your bottle!". She was a little mad at me. The next day she was asking for her blanket. Again, I didn't have it and told her I didn't. She kept asking again and again. Finally, I pretended to hand her an imaginary blanket. She got mad and said, "That's my bottle!"

---I was sitting on the couch with my arms above my head. T came up and looked at my arm pit and said, "I can see your fur!" ( wasn't that bad! :)

--One day my husband was playing with T. He was wrestling her, tickling her, and teasing her. Finally she turned to him and said, "Okay, I think I've had enough attention."

--One day while at church T was fussing so my husband took her out in the foyer. She was crying so he was trying to distract her. He was rocking her back and forth and finally held her upside down for fun. When he picked her back up she said, to him, "Hey! Be careful with my body!"

J--My son

--When J was still in a high chair, my husband carefully handed him a glass of milk and said, "Now keep your eye on that.". J dutifully obeyed and poured it in his eye.

--I was holding a friend's baby. J came over and took a cloth and wiped the baby's mouth and said, "He's dripping".

--One day J said, "Mom, T perished!" I said, "What do you mean she perished?" He said, "I can't find her anywhere." (I think he meant vanished.)

--When we were living in China J said, "Chinese doctors are different from American doctors because Chinese don't have as many parts."

--J said, "When people get crumbled up, that's when they're old"

--J was bouncing a ball. He said, "Look Mom, I'm learning to drool!"

S--My son

--One day out of the blue S turned to me and said in a very deep voice, "We'll be right back after these messages."

--S jumped off the play equipment at the park and landed with his head in the sand. My husband said, "Oh S! Are you all right?" S said, "Well, I didn't die."

--Someone was asking S what kind of dog we have. He said, "He's a Mormon Shepherd."

--When S was very small he would throw things and say to us, "Fetch!"

If I find some of D's sayings I'll add them later.

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