Thursday, August 31, 2006


I had a conversation with a friend recently that set my mind to thinking. I have found that travel isnt' much fun unless there is someone to share it with. My husband went to France on business, but felt out of sorts because I wasn't there to share the scenery with. There are so many places I have been that I wish I could share them with other people. I keep thinking of a line from the movie "Out of Africa". Isak Dinesyn, played by Meryl Streep, is asked by some friends if she has ever traveled to the places that she tells stories about. She says something like, "I have been a mental traveler of sorts". I think there is some usefulness in "mental travel". I decided I would write a little about the places that I love, and maybe put in a website address or two so that others can see.
Place number one: Cedar Mountain
This is a place from my childhood, and is one of the most beautiful places in my opinion. It is located in southern Utah.

Place 2: Bryce Canyon
The next place is quite near Cedar Mountain. It is Bryce Canyon. Most people I meet say they think Zion's canyon is prettier, but I have always thought Bryce was the prettiest.

I will think about other places I have been and post them later.

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