Monday, December 18, 2006


For the past year I have been attending the "Daughters of the Utah Pioneers" meetings. I had over 25 ancestors who were Mormon pioneers. When I say that my ancestors were pioneers, I am saying too that those family stories have been handed down, and what they experienced is very real to us. This association that I attend focuses on remembering our pioneer ancestors and what they accomplished. Each month we take turns teaching a lesson about one of the counties that was established by pioneers. These women are well read and teach well what they have learned. We also take turns telling about one of our ancestors.

Recently our "camp" held our annual Christmas party. We had a pot luck luncheon. As we found our chairs at the table, we found a gift on each seat. Inside were hats that one of the ladies had made for every member of the association. Of course we all had to put them on and model for the camera. You will notice that the ladies who just had their hair done only held the hats in their hands. :)
I just love these old ladies. They are so sweet, and so funny. They love to joke and tease each other. They are bright and witty. We have joined a few young members this past year. But I really love the older women. I hope I grow old as gracefully as they have.

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