Friday, April 28, 2017

Sewing Basket

Just a follow up to my last video.  I mistakenly said that I got this new prize at the craft store.  I actually got it at the thrift store.  I hit the jack pot!  Woo Hoo!

If you would rather watch it on Vimeo, click here.  For some reason, the video doesn't fit on blogger.  So clicking that link would probably be a better way to view it.

Movie on 4-28-17 at 9.11 PM from


Rummuser said...

Very nice.

Amber said...

This is fun (I love watching those box videos too!) - I LOVE your new box, that really was a good find! And I especially loved that old needle book with the kittens on it. The candlewick yarn is for candlewicking (a sort of like crochet lace making thing - google or pinterest it and you'll see). Also, I could totally tell you how to make your videos fit your screen (or vice versa) but it's a little complex. What might be easier would be if you'd email me your post (the html version) and I'll show you where you insert the code for the size (and the code of course).