Friday, April 21, 2017

Craft Room Tour

I'm finally getting around to sharing a tour of my craft studio.  Sorry the sound is a little crazy at first.  I'm still learning how to do this.  I tried using my phone, but couldn't figure out how to upload the video.  So I finally used my laptop to film, and uploaded it to Vimeo.  I hope this works.
This size doesn't fit very well....any suggestions?
Here is the link.  It would be better to view here.

Movie on 4-19-17 at 5.14 PM from Delores DeVictoria on Vimeo.


Inklings said...

I love your craft room and I want one! (as I get ready to move to a probably smaller house :s) You have a lot of good ideas here if I get a craft room or space. :)Also, I hadn't though about putting art work on the wall, and I like that.

Rummuser said...

Thank you for your email this morning which gave me the news that you have resumed blogging. I did not know and since I was under the impression that you had stopped blogging I have not been visiting you. I see that you have blogged from March and I am delighted that you are back among us bloggers.

I am not familiar at all with Vimeo and have never uploaded anything on it or youtube. I depend on my son, my resident geek to help me when I have to post something unusual.

I like your craft room.

Looking forward to seeing many more posts in the future.

Amber said...

Cool!! You have a lot of fun supplies! I want to see some of the stuff you've made now!