Friday, May 16, 2014


The fan in my computer has been going out for a couple of weeks now, and finally bit the dust.  I went for a couple of days without using it, but finally decided that today was the day to get it fixed.  Luckily, my husband volunteered to drive me to the repair shop. 

There is a street here where they have TONS of computer shops.  In Chinese, the name of one building is "Computer city".  It's basically several huge buildings that are filled with floor after floor of tiny little cubicles that are each a different computer company.  We went in one of the buildings and saw some guys sitting in a little cubicle working.  My husband asked them where we could go to get the fan replaced.  The one guy did some calling around, and then led us upstairs to the 5th floor and to a cubicle where there was a repair guy.  Then he hung around the entire time to get his commission. 

This guy's repair cubicle was kind of in disarray, but he really knew his stuff.  He had the computer apart in no time, and had a brand new fan ready to put in.  The new fan, and the fee to replace it?  100 RMB, or about $13 U.S.  What a deal!  And just in time; I was having computer withdrawals.


Looney said...

There is nothing worse than computer withdrawal symptoms.

Rummuser said...

And I agree with Looney. Apart from that, if I were you, I would switch to a Mac.