Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Belated Christmas Gifts

I decided to make some Christmas presents for the girls that come to my house.  Someone suggested I have them make pincushions, but I had already started some to give them for Christmas.  I was a little late in finishing these, but since they don't celebrate Christmas, they didn't care.  :)  I looked at a lot of pincushions on Pinterest, and decided that I liked this shape the best.  It's a stable shape that will stand well.  I also followed a suggestion to put some steel wool inside to keep the pins sharp. 

I made them these three colors because these are colors I had heard the girls say that they liked. 

I had previously made one for myself.  I love Mary Englebreit's designs, so this is inspired by her designs.  Don't look too closely because it's showing a little wear, and some of my stitches are rough around the edges.  lol
Okay, so I know this is a boring post, but my life is boring right now, so all you get is boring.  lol 


Rummuser said...

I don't find your post boring.

Grannymar said...

Not boring at all, it was very creative! I am sure the girls will love and treasure them for many a long year.

Inklings said...

I think they turned out very cute. The girls will love them.