Monday, October 21, 2013

Snippets of My Day

--This morning I chatted with my two oldest children.  We decided to try out Google "Hangout".  We were able to all three video chat at the same time.  My third child must have been asleep, so we missed him.  My kids think this is geeky, but I hope they will chat with me again next week.  :)

--I went out shopping today and ate lunch at a chinese fast food place.  I have to say, it is MUCH better tasting than American fast food, and much healthier.  This place is clean, and the food is good for about $3 U.S.  It's my new favorite place to eat when I'm out and about.

--I was standing at the bus stop on my way home, and saw a taxi pull up.  An older couple got inside.  The older woman sat in front, and the man sat in back.  But after he got in, he didn't shut the door!  I kept watching to see if he was going to, but evidently he forgot, and the taxi started driving down the road.  Suddenly, the movement of the car caused the door to slam shut on it's own.  I turned my head and looked at a man standing next to me.  He was kind of introverted, and had a impassive look on his face.  But when ours eyes met, I gave him a look that said, "Can you believe that?"  He, ever so slightly, shook his head in unbelief.  I started laughing out loud.  He was too reserved to laugh, but he thought it was crazy too.  :)

--When I got home, as I was walking up to the gate I saw a dead hedgehog lying in the grass.  I've never even seen a live one before!  This one was about the size of a cantelope, but that may have been from bloating.  It was just weird to see it since I've never seen one before.  There was a grandmother out with her grandbaby, and I called her over to see it.  She seemed to think it was quite ordinary to have a hedgehog nearby.  I guess I need to start looking for live ones!

--My husband and I are going to be teaching a church class in chinese.  We are teaching chinese members who are either foreign passport holders, or who are married to someone with a foreign passport.  We aren't allowed to teach chinese nationals unless they are married to a foreigner.  We will be teaching them the very basic of our beliefs since they are all new members.  It should be an interesting test of our chinese!

--Almost every day after school, after I've picked up my son from school, we stop and get him a bowl of noodles.  The specialty here in Wuhan is Re Gan Mian, or "hot dry noodles.  They are a noodle that is coated with a spicy peanut sauce.  It's a specialty here in Wuhan.  You could also get it with soup instead.  Another snack he likes is a fried bread with meat inside that is flavored with muslim spices.  I prefer the one with egg and vegetables without the spices. 

--I've been translating a letter to send out to the students of our class we will be teaching.  I've been using Google translate.  When I learned chinese, we used the traditional characters.  Now China mainly uses the simplified ones.  So it's quite a chore for me to make these out and make sure it is translated the way I want.  I have had to change a few things.  I sent my final draft to my husband's chinese assistant to double check the translation. 

That's a few snippets from today.  But the day isn't over yet.  :)

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Amber said...

just don't ever touch a hedgehog, even the pet ones carry bacteria on them I've read. those noodles and fast food sound tasty!! i hope your son is starting to enjoy school and make friends!