Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Term Project

My sister Inklings posted about the quiet books she is making.  I started some too when I came home from vacation this summer.  But mine are very slow going.  Some days I have a hard time getting motivated.  Anyway, I don't have any grandchildren, and I'm not expecting any soon, but I thought I would start this while I have the time, and finish it at my leisure.  Mainly it gives me something to do.  :)  I don't have a sewing machine here in China, so I'm doing it by hand.  That takes a little longer.  I also am not using any patterns, I am just making up the patterns as I go along.

This is a counting cookie monster page.  I put two pictures of it together so you could see how it is meant to be played.

This is the "Old Lady who swallowed a fly".  If you aren't familiar with the song, she swallows the fly, then swallows a spider to catch the fly.  Then she swallows a bird to catch the spider.  She continues swallowing bigger animals until she swallows a horse, and dies of course.  Kind of morbid, but I thought the kids would like seeing her "eat" the different things.  You open her mouth to put them in.

This is a "Peek a Boo" page.  I put two pics together so you could see the before and after (only I got them switched in the picture).  I got this idea off Pinterest where they had a page with three together.


This is a "Mr. Potato Head" page.  We all played with these toys as a child.  He has a suitcase where he stores the facial features.  I need to make a few more interchangeable face pieces for this page.  Maybe another hat too, and some feet.  :)


That's all I've done so far.  After I"m done, I will sew the pages together in order.  I'm probably going to make either a doctor page, or a car track next.  The car track will be the center of the book.  Anyway, that's how I keep myself sane when I'm bored.  :)


Becky said...

That's an awesome project and it's looking great. Those future grandchildren will love it!

Liz said...

Wow, you are good! Any kid would have fun with your pages.

Maxi said...

You have a wonderful imagination D.
Great job.
blessings ~ maxi

Inklings said...

It's turning out so cute!

Grannymar said...

Nice idea, kids always love action books. The cookies look good enough to eat!

Amber said...

these are really really cute! I'm impressed with your artistic abilities since you made the patterns yourself!

Joanne said...

These will someday be a family treasure. As you cut out the pieces, could you cut out some extra pieces to save for future quiet books? You might be able to get two felt pieces cut out at the same time instead of just one. I don't know. It's just a thought. Your book is so cute and fun.

Joanne said...

Your quiet books have me intrigued. I remember trying to test language concepts to kindergarteners years ago and one set of skills was expressions of location and position using opposites; ie., in-out, over-under, above-below, front-back, behind-in front of, next to, here-there. That would be a fun page to make if you could somehow tie it together to a theme of some sort.