Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: What I Did For a Living

I'm a little late in posting today because our power was out all day yesterday.  That was definitely not fun, especially for my teenager.  Not only was it boring, but it got pretty hot.  I'm so thankful to have power again!  I shouldn't complain though, the people in the apartments above me didn't have water.  (no electricity to pump it upstairs)  At least we had water!

I have to say that I have been very blessed to not have to work while I have had children at home.  I know many women don't have this luxury.  Now, because of boredom, I am considering getting a job in the fall, but up to now I have been able to focus my energies elsewhere.  But before I had children, I did work in several jobs.

My first job was in a department store as a clerk.  With time I progressed to the service desk.  But what I really wanted to do was work with the security department.  One day I actually got my chance.  One of the security guards (undercover) came and asked me to follow him outside.  He was following a suspected thief. He walked up and said, "Hey, what do you have there?", motioning to his jacket.  The guy threw a bunch of stolen items on the ground and started to run.  But it was raining, and he slipped on the street as he ran.  The security guard ran after him, but just as he almost reached him, he slipped too.  The thief jumped up and started running again.  I was running after him.  He slipped again, and fell on the ground.  I jumped on top of him and held his arms out to his sides, with my knees on top.  The security guard was then able to come get him and another guard came and helped him take him upstairs, where they called the police.  I wonder how that guy felt, knowing a skinny young girl caught him.  ;)

My second job was taking census for the U.S. Government.  I was given a crummy route, and didn't really make much money from the job.  In fact, I think I spent more in gas money than I made.  Bad job, bad.

Next I got a job working at a K-Mart that was preparing to open in my neighborhood.  When the store opened, they promoted me to area supervisor.  I only worked there for about a year before leaving on my mission.  When I came back from my mission, I went back to K-Mart to see about getting another job.  I figured that with my experience, they would treat me well.  Not so.  The promoted a young kid because they knew he was preparing to go on a mission and needed the extra money.  I knew he was leaving soon, so was pretty mad that they chose him instead.

I attended an activity for young adults at church, and was telling my employment woes to them.  One of the church leaders told me that he ran a western clothing store and would be willing to interview me to work for him.  I wore the only western style clothing I had to the interview, and got the job!  I worked for them for a year before heading off to college.  When I came home for the summer, they let me come back and work for a few more months.  It was better pay than my previous job!

After my first semester at college, I applied to teach at the missionary training center, and got the job!  I was really happy about this, and I did really enjoy the job.  I enjoyed teaching the missionaries.  I got married during that time, and also got pregnant with our first child.  I was too sick to continue teaching, so quit.  Then I began my full time job as a mother.

So here I am, about 25 years out of the work force, considering re-entering it.  In the interim, I didn't work at a job, but I had many church positions that required organizational and delegation skills.  I had to develop good people skills, and communication skills.  I may not have been employed, but I think I have a lot to offer an employer in the future!

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Maria Perry Mohan said...

I'm also very happy that I never had to work when the children were small. That's a luxury for a lot of people.

Rummuser said...

I can imagine the poor sod slipping and getting a load on his chest unwilling to let him squirm off. Bravo.

I would not like something like that to happen to me. Not that I stead things in super markets!

Grannymar said...

There are good goods in small parcels. Bravo to you for catching a thief!

I too was blessed to be at home during Elly's childhood. Once she asked (for a school project) "What do you do, Mammy" Quick as a flash I replied:

“I am chief executive & financial controller of a small non-profit organisation called ‘Our Family’, wages paid daily in hugs and kisses!”

The Old Fossil said...

You know, remind me to never make you mad!! I could just see me trying to pick pavement out of my teeth. :)

There's some fire beneath that calm exterior!