Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: My First Kiss

What was I thinking when I chose this topic?  Was I having a moment of temporary insanity?  I take full blame for this, and I will gladly put myself in the dog house.

I would like to write a romantic paragraph about how fireworks exploded in my head, and birds were singing during my first kiss.  But the reality of it was far different.  I guess it never occurred to me that to make a kiss great, you have to kiss back.  So during my first kiss, I just sort of sat there like a block of wood while he did the kissing.  lol  I had just moved to a new state, and this guy took interest in me.  It was very flattering because in my old school, I was kind of ignored.  I was shy and not well accepted by the kids my age.  But when I moved, the kids in the new school accepted me well, and it was very surprising to have attention from a boy!  I was only 15, and my parents wouldn't let me date, but they did let me go to the prom with this boy.   But because of the "no dating before 16" rule, we just mainly hung out at school.  I did attend his track meets though, and was rewarded with my first kiss.  :)

I think the first kiss with my now husband was much better.  I did feel the fireworks exploding in my head.  And unlike the boy I wrote about above, I liked my husband as much as he liked me.  My first kiss with him was on the walkway that goes over the road from the BYU Wilkinson center to the BYU law library.  I'm sure that everyone driving by down below saw us kiss, but who cares?  That kiss is much more memorable.
Do the other members of the consortium kiss and tell?  Check out their blogs to find out!  :)

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shackman said...

D I'd venture a guess your tale is pretty much the norm - LOL. When were you at the Y? I snuck a few smmohes with my now wife there as well - LOL

Grannymar said...

Dog house? No way. It was fun to write and dream about this topic.... hey it is the only kiss I get these days! :)

Rummuser said...

No Delirious, I shall not send you to the dog house. Your post gets an A. As Grannymar has said, it took the LBC down memory lane and each has a kiss and tell story to tell indeed.

Delirious said...

Shackman, my husband and I only dated for about 4 months before we got married. (I know... scandalous!) We were married in December of 1986. :)

The Old Fossil said...

My first kiss was a whole lot like you describe yours! If I hadn't improved over time, I think I would still be single and childless! LOL

Sharon Bradshaw said...

Thanks, D, for choosing such a fun topic. I enjoyed reading your post.