Friday, April 05, 2013

Hong Kong Heaven

Looney recently commented about our trip to Hong Kong and said he hoped that we had a fun time shopping.  Actually, although we did spend a little time shopping, our purpose in going to Hong Kong was to attend our church's temple there.

The temple for us, is a place of peace, and a place where we can renew ourselves spiritually.  It is a haven from the world.  While we do participate in ordinances there, we also are given the opportunity to pray and contemplate, as well as meditate about any problems we may be having.  Yes, these things can be done outside the temple, but I find that the spirit there is much more conducive to spiritual growth.

The Hong Kong temple is special for several reasons.  First of all, it is actually on Chinese soil, even though the government of China does not allow other temples to be built in mainland China.  The other "chinese" temple is in Taiwan.  We are blessed to have the chance to have temples in these locations because the government has not allowed this freedom in the rest of China.

Another thing that makes the Hong Kong temple special is it's construction.  Unlike other of our temples, this one actually has multi-purpose.  What makes this temple special is that it is built up several floors, but the building not only houses the temple rooms, but also living quarters for the temple president, and some mission offices.  The decision to build this temple in this way came because of the high cost of land in Hong Kong.  The lower floors house the mission offices and presidency residency, and the higher floors house the temple itself.  This floor plan has also been adopted in the Manhattan, New York temple.

I'm really thankful I had the opportunity to attend the temple there this week.  It was a much needed spiritual break and renewing.  Going to the temple is always a beneficial event for me.  I had just attended the temple in Provo, UT while I was in the States, but I was happy to be able to go once more so soon.


Looney said...

That clears up a mystery. All the Chinese I know who go to Hong Kong do it for shopping or to see relatives, but I had suspected that wasn't your primary business!

It is good to know that there is a peaceful spot there. A few years ago I heard a talk by someone who had been instrumental in getting many of the large high-rise apartment blocks in Hong Kong designed and built with areas suitable for churches.

Nene said...

I'm glad you got to go!