Thursday, December 06, 2012

Making a Living

I got on the bus today to go to a place about 11 bus stops away from my house, and had an interesting ride. On the buses in China, they play a recording that reminds people to give up their seats to the elderly, disabled, weak, sick or faint, pregnant, or people with small children.  With my gray hair, I can often pass for "elderly", but if I see someone struggling, I offer them my seat.  Today a man got on the bus, and I noticed that he had half of one leg missing, and was using crutches.  I waited for a second before offering my seat because there were a lot of young people around me.  But when none of them made the move, I got up and offered him my seat.  He thanked me, but declined, and told me not to worry.  I felt a little awkward, but my seat mate also offered her seat to him, and he refused her's too, so I just sat back down.  If he would have had problems, I would have insisted, but what he did next really surprised me.

I was sitting there when all of the sudden I realized there was another announcement being made.  I looked and realized it was this same man holding a microphone.  What he was saying sounded like preaching to me. He made mention of "peace", "a happy life", and "helping others".  I couldn't understand everything he said, but it really did sound like preaching.  But I knew that in China that isn't really allowed, so I was kind of surprised.  Suddenly he turned on some music and started singing!  It was karaoke time on the bus I guess.

After he sang us a song, he went around collecting donations.  Quite a few people declined, but I decided to give him some money.  Hey, I feel like if a guy actually tries to do something to earn money, such as singing, then I'd much rather give to him than to someone else!  He disappeared at the next bus stop, clutching quite a few bills in his hands.  I say, more power to him!


Grannymar said...

Was he a good singer? I would love to be able to do something like that.

Rummuser said...

I would have done exactly the same things that you did. Bravo.