Thursday, December 06, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Music

I think I had an unusual experience with music when I was growing up.  I was exposed to music that most kids my age wouldn't have listened to.  Honestly I never liked rock and roll.  I know that there were just a thousand "gasps" out there in bloggerland.  But for one thing, I could never understand the lyrics.  Even today, my kids laugh at me when I try to sing along to rock songs, because I never get the lyrics right.  But I also wasn't fond of the actual music.  I was used to a higher level of "musicality".  By that I mean that I was used to music that was very complex, such as Mozart's music.  I learned to play the piano, and tried to learn classical music.  That was the kind of music I preferred.  I also grew up in a musical family, and had a father with a beautiful singing voice.  I just couldn't bear the voices of most rock and roll artists.  They simply didn't have a good enough voice in my opinion.  My parents era was the 1940's, and I have to confess that I preferred the music from their generation.  We had music books in our home that had music from the 40's.  I learned to play much of it, and I sang the lyrics as well.  Even today, I love those classic songs and find myself singing those lyrics.  I also learned songs from even earlier generations.  I still love songs like "Melancholy Baby", and "Bidin' My Time".  So as a teenager, for me rock and roll was really not enticing.
As an adult I have come to love many kinds of music.  I am drawn to jazz, opera, and soulful music.  I admit that I do love the Beatles, but who doesn't?  And for some reason I LOVE Gavin DeGraw!   I'm not typically a country music fan, but I love Willie Nelson.  Go figure.  I know, people would argue that Willie Nelson doesn't have a good voice, but he has a great jazz quality to his music.  (Jazz/country?  Yea, it works.)  I'm very snobbish about opera.  Although I don't consider myself an opera expert, I have very high expectations.  I am not crazy about artists like Andrea Bocelli and Josh Grobin.  Frankly, I feel they have a "machine gun" vibrato, and I don't like that sound.  So you question why I would like Willie Nelson, but not Andrea Bocelli and Josh Grobin.  I can't answer that, I just know Willie gets me every time.  :)

Finally, I have a bit of music to share with you.  This is a video that was made several years ago.  I wanted to share a bit of Christmas with some friends, so had my daughter video me playing some Christmas music.  I've posted this before, but this seems like the perfect time to share it again.  Merry Christmas to you all!

And just for kicks, here is one with my husband and I together.


Grannymar said...

Our very own recital, how wonderful! I never had the opportunity to play an instrument, but if I am honest, a good voice would have been my preference.

I know the singing part of a voice is totally separate to the speaking part, and my singing part consists of croaks or no sound at all. :(

Inklings said...

Very nice! I think I am the only non-musical one in the family. I wonder how that happened? I used to ask Mom over and over again growing up if I was adopted. :0) And guess what? I LOVE Andrea Bocelli.

The Old Fossil said...

First: I liked you before. A lot. But, now that I know you like Willie - I figure we're related!

Second: You're pretty good tickling the ivories!

Third: I enjoyed the music you made with the horny old guy playing with you! Be sure you let him know!

Delirious said...

Thanks! This was the first take, so there are some mistakes. :)

You don't play an instrument, but you do sing well!

Delirious said...

I do like a lot of pop artists, and you really could say that the artists of the eras I like the most were also pop artists. And there are some rock songs I like, but in general, I tend to gravitate towards other music. :)

Liz said...

You guys should go on the circuit! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Maria Perry Mohan said...

I am partial to opera myself and have a few favourites. My favourite composer is Bizet.

Nene said...

I'm with you on Groban and Bocelli. I like a very few of Groban's songs but only if he sings in Italian. I don't like at all some of the newer age ones.

I lost quite a bit of my musical ability when I went to Ireland and have slowly, slowly gotten a bit of it back but wonder if I'll ever be able to get back as good as I once was. Now I have age against me also. :0+

Looney said...

Nice job playing.

blackwatertown said...

Very good. An early Happy Christmas to you all too.

By the way - are you able to read other blogs based outside China? Or is that difficult?

Amber said...

those were both so beautiful!! :)