Thursday, May 17, 2012

Planting For Others

One of my absolute favorite things in this world is vegetable gardening, and so I have planted some thing this spring, even though I may not be around to enjoy the fruits. But I can't help myself, because I just love that you can put a seed or plant in the ground and then have food growing in your back yard! I've tried to grow a garden almost everywhere I've lived. My first attempts were sad, but I learned along the way. I'm still not that great of a gardener, but I still love it! But recently I've been planting for those who will come after me.

We are leaving in August, but I still had to plant a few tomatoes and some squash. I might actually get a tomato or two before I leave, but I know that those who rent my house will get the most benefit. I'm okay with that, and I hope they enjoy it!

One time we rented a house for a few months before we bought our new house, and I planted things there. I knew I wouldn't be there in the spring, but I planted some flower bulbs anyway. I hope the new renters enjoyed the bulbs that I planted for them.

Even though I will be in the middle of China, where I can buy any vegetable I could possibly want, I will be wishing I had some tomato plants and squash. And I will at least have the satisfaction that those living here in my house will be enjoying the fruits of my labors.


Grannymar said...

What a kind gesture to plant some vegetables for the people who will rent the house. I hope they remember to return the favour for your return.

Maria from SilverFox said...

I would like to be a renter in a home with a garden. I know they will enjoy the fuits of your labor and just think next spring, your suprise for them will be new flowers.

Maxi said...

How wonderful to leave "a little bit of life" for those who will move into the place you're leaving.

Blessings - Maxi