Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My kids made this video for me for mother's day today. They are living in another state. I'm not sure who the guy in the blue shirt is, maybe my son's roommate. :)


Grannymar said...

Fortunately I watched the video in the RSS feed. When I clicked through to comment I was left with a black box telling me the video could not be played in my setup.

It was fun to watch your children at play! Belated Happy Mother's Day. We celebrate our day in March.

Inklings said...

rofl Your kids are so funny. I wonder who laughed more, you watching it or them making it? :0)

Rummuser said...

Fantastic kids. Great video. Congratulations.

Maxi said...

You have wonderful kids, great sense of humor. This video must have made your day.

Blessings to you and family - Maxi