Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Trust

Trust is relative to the situation in which we find ourselves. How much do we trust a person? I don't think the answer is a black and white, absolute for every situation. We all have to make decisions on a minute by minute basis about how much we will trust someone.

My experience earlier this week is still on my mind with relation to this topic of trust. Logic would tell me that it wouldn't be wise to trust the young homeless girl enough to take her in to my home. If we think in terms of absolute, we would say that I should never take someone I didn't know in to my home. But as I've thought about that experience this week, I have wondered what would have happened had I taken her in. In my heart, I don't think I would have been putting my family in danger. In my heart, I think I could have helped her. But in my brain, I think it is better that I found her another place to stay. I trusted her to a point, but there was this narrow margin of doubt that kept me from offering my home to her. Luckily, things worked out that I didn't need to take her home. But what if it hadn't? Should I have trusted her and taken her home? I think I would have made that decision to help her, and trusted that things would work out.

Another situation might cause me to make a different decision. As I said, trust is relative to the situation. I think we rely on more than trust when making these kinds of decisions. I think we also rely on gut instincts.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching a show called, "I Survived". On this show they interview people who have survived life threatening situations. I have to admit that sometimes these stories scare me to death! After watching stories about people who survived abduction or assault, I am nervous as I drive around town. I have far less trust of society than I used to since I have watched these shows. One thing they have taught me is that even the most seemingly simple of decisions can have devastating effects upon our lives. Taking the wrong turn while walking down the street may land us in harm's way. Speaking to the wrong stranger may make us vulnerable to attack. It's enough to scare a person from every venturing out!

Danger aside, I have never been one to live my life worrying about the worst case scenario. My mother constantly frets about what "might" happen. I told her I can't live my life that way. That could be enough to drive a person insane! I try to live my life so that I am close to God, and I believe that He will guide me to make the right decisions for my life. I put my trust in a higher power.

For now I will continue to remain cautious, but open to direction. It may not seem wise to take in a stranger who is in need. But if I feel that is what God wants me to do, I will do it. I can't make a flat decision that will guide all of my moves. Each situation of trust is relative to the moment, my instincts, and the direction I feel from God.

I trust you will be interested to see what the other consortium members have to say about TRUST! :)

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Grannymar said...

Forgive me, I am smiling. I have lived alone for the past fourteen years since my husband died. Many a time I have to bury my butterflies and trust that when I get into my car to drive on unlit winding country roads, that I will reach my destination in one piece. I meet strangers and dangers every other day and follow my gut instinct to tell me whether to go forward or back.

I don't do anything foolish and carry a fully charged cell phone with me at all times. I let Elly know when I am going somewhere new and meeting people for the first time.

If I didn't take the bull by the horns and face life, I would be a prisoner in my own home and that is no life.

Stay safe and keep up the good work.

Rummuser said...

Altruism is built into all living beings. So, what you normally do and about which you have written, is humanity at its best. You are a trusting person in that you trust your instincts to do the right thing. It is a very sensible way to live.

Inklings said...

Rummuser is right, you have to trust your instincts. That is the best guide, I think.

padmum said...

So true...each situation has in it seeds of trust, reaction nad action.