Friday, April 06, 2012

Bah, Humbug!

I don't know how things are where you live, but here, we have people who stand outside of stores and ask for money for charity, or ask people to sign a petition to get certain measures on the voting ballot. Sometimes there are people selling things like newspaper subscriptions, or girl scout cookies. None of these causes is bad, but I really dislike that they are there, waiting to talk to me when I enter the store, and waiting to talk to me when I exit the store. I've even resorted to entering through a different entrance at some stores. (like the one they use to bring in the shopping carts. lol)

I think I wrote some time ago about how the "Target" store has a sign on their door that says something to the effect, "We want our customers to have a peaceful, distraction free shopping environment. Therefore, we do not allow solicitation of any kind, no matter the cause." I wrote about how upset I was to see people sitting outside their store asking for donations, and asking for my signature on a petition. Today I went to that same store, and once again saw solicitors out front.

I was at the store returning something, but I couldn't resist complaining to the sales person. She told me that California recently passed a law that allows these people to be there, even if the store does not want them there. She told me that if I wanted, I could call the police to have them removed. I wouldn't do that unless they did something illegal. I'm not that much of a scrooge. Yes, I am a scrooge though. But isn't it sad that this store can't decide it's own policies? I would have loved to have that distraction free shopping environment!


Grannymar said...

We call it begging. Everywhere you go in Ireland, North and South, you will find beggers on the streets and outside shops.

Supermarkets often provide access in the foyer for Charities to set up a stall for a day or weekend to encourage the punters to part with their money.

I was surprised one day when in Dublin City at about 8.30am to see a large upmarket car offload at least four beggers who headed off to their usual spots for a day of begging. It actually made me think twice about handing over some of my widow's mite.

Rummuser said...

I share your frustration. Apart from these, I also dislike door to door sales people who seem to enjoy waking me up from my siesta. I wonder if that happens there too.

Inklings said...

We have that here, too, and we also have stores asking you with every purchase to donate money to certain charities. It gets annoying. We donate money sometimes, but we dislike how often we get asked, and feeling pressured to donate to charities we'd rather not donate to. It gets annoying to be asked at every store, every time you go in, even if you just make a dollar purchase.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell you that I liked what you said about having grey hair (on attic24 blog) and I agree with you entirely. However, I don't follow your advice although I am very bad at doing it often enough - coloring my hair I mean. My daughter 'encourages' me to do it if I leave it long enough, and my roots are in evidence.

It is true though, grey is a nice flattering colour to wear, so why can't we have our hair grey? Why do we say such nice things to men with grey hair, you know calling them 'silver foxes' etc. I've seen some beautiful grey hair, long and short. I like your reasoning. Why should we have to pretend we are young? Why is that better? People of all ages and hair colours look attractive don't they?

Well done to you, your own hair looks great, you are a very attractive lady (looking at your picture with you and your doggie as I write this). I think it does help for everyone to see how silly it is running for the dye, having nice examples. I shall endeavor to be braver, because on principle I totally agree with you! (Even the notion of being 'brave' not dying your hair is a weird one isn't it? We have been truly programmed I think.)