Saturday, March 03, 2012


Lately I've been commenting on the blogs of many people who use Word Press. After submitting my comment, I have received an email asking me to subscribe. I have clicked on the subscribe button, and it has given me a page that shows all of the subscriptions, and at the top it said that I was successfully subscribed to that blog. But it seems like every time I make a comment, I get the email asking me to subscribe. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Help! :)


Grannymar said...

I have come across that system and it seems to only subscribe to the one post. Do you use a browser like Mozilla/Firefox with a tab for RSS FEED? If so click on bookmarks and subscribe to either the posts and or comments The updates will go to RSS feed and not clog up your email inbox. Hope that helps.
Nearly as difficult as proving I am not a robot? ;)

vaxhacker said...

What Grannymar said. That's been my experience too. It's kind of like when you comment here on Blogger and check the box to receive email updates for future comments to this post. That's separate from subscribing to the blog via RSS.

The Old Fossil said...

They are all becoming pains. I missed on the Captcha on the first shot on your Friday topic. I had to go through it all again and will show what I was supposed to emulate, how I interpreted it, and the failed results on my blog tomorrow.

Now, if I can get this Captcha correct, you may see this comment.

Max Coutinho said...


It is a problem with Wordpress. The same thing happens to me, every time I want to follow a blog: it's annoying.
Perhaps WP is restructuring their forms or something. Blogger is also restructuring the comment section (have you noticed that now we cannot subscribe to comments?). I hope they solve things soon.