Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Fishes of the Sea

Some years ago I went through my "fish" phase. I bought some guppies and tried raising them. As it turns out, I'm not really good with fish and they all died. :S When we lived in China I had bought some guppies and they thrived in the regular tap water. Kind of gives you an idea of what Beijing's tap water was like at the time. :) They even had babies. When I left China, I got some mason jars and put a male and female in each one and gave them away to the people who worked in the hotel in which we lived. They were thrilled to get them. So when I came back to the States, I thought it would be easy to raise some more. But I couldn't seem to get the water balanced correctly for them.

During this "fish phase", I also bought some fish refrigerator magnets. I also had some fish window clings that I put on my kitchen window. I had fish everywhere! Then one day I happened to read something about how fish represented babies, and it made me realize that what I really wanted was another baby. I did have another baby, and lo and behold, my fish phase disappeared. :D Now I'm not saying that everyone who has fish wants a baby, but in my case it held true. But now that I'm 50, if I start wanting fish again, I'll just wait for the grandchildren to start coming.

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padmum said...

Fish and babies--that is a new one.

I too feel that my hand is not gifted/blessed enough to rear fish or animals....same mishap with them.

Well! Enough humans to take care of around me.

Maria from SilverFox said...

Another thing we have in common - the maternal instinct and the symbolic fish. I called my grandkids "Little Fishies" from the day, my daughter called to tell me she was pregnant.

I still call them "Little Fishies", but it has much more to do with their swimming ability. LOL

Nene said...

I've never heard that about fish and babies before. Interesting.

The Old Fossil said...

The fish and babies connection is a new one to me, also. Now I'm concerned that I like to eat fish so much!

Vid said...

I once had some sea monkeys. They never got really big and they all died within a month.

Grannymar said...

Fish and babies? It was raspberries and rhubarb for me and they were both out of season!

vednHa opiptiti

Rummuser said...

Like many others here, the fish and babies connection is new to me. I must remember to use it on all the fish loving women that I know, including my daughter in law!