Friday, January 06, 2012

Wall of Fame

I confess that I didn't send out Christmas cards this year. I actually haven't for several years. It just seems like so much has been happening those weeks before Christmas that I'm lucky to get presents bought. I used to send cards out faithfully every year. I really wanted to this year, but just couldn't swing it. But I have enjoyed getting them, and especially the pictures! I love the pictures the most!
We have this closet that is under our stairs. Some might call it a "Harry Potter" cupboard, but we call it the "mouse closet". We have put in shelving in there to hold food storage. Years ago we began to get mice in there. We got a cat, and the mice left. But we kept calling it the mouse closet. I tape the pictures on this door, and I usually leave them there a long time! I love seeing these pictures as I walk by.
I saw a craft blog one time that showed a kitchen makeover. On one wall of the kitchen, instead of wall paper, they covered the wall with pictures. Maybe that's what I should do! I don't know if I ever will, but for now I'm really enjoying my wall of fame. :)

(Oh, and I got a few more since this photo!)

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Nene said...

I have a big cork bulletin board on one wall in my kitchen. It is completely covered in pictures. I had to do some sorting out after Christmas to put the new pictures up and take the old ones down. I also post any bridal invitations and pictures and graduation invitations and pictures on it. Oh, and I stick up all the "fortunes" from our fortune cookies when we get oriental take-out. :0)