Friday, December 16, 2011

Simple Gifts

I was reading another blog, and it reminded me of some simple, but wonderful gifts my mother gave to me. Once when I was about 5, my mother made me a new dress. But she also made an identical one for my doll! I remember thinking, even at that young age, how cool that was! Then when I was older, she made me a fake mink stole. It was made out of fake fur, with a silky matching lining. It's actually kind of funny because the fake fur was in a checkered pattern. lol But what made it so cool was that she made a matching one for my Barbie doll! I played and played with that fake mink stole!

Another gift she made for me was a giant Raggedy Ann doll. I would say it was close to 3 feet tall. She also made one for my good friend, and we played with them together often!

I was remembering that my Aunt R. made a sleeping bag for her daughter. It was more like a "slumber bag" that would only be warm enough for inside the house. But what made it cool was that she appliqued a doll body on the top of the bag, and made the pillow look like a doll's head, with yarn fringe for hair. When my cousin laid in it, she looked like she was the doll! I thought that was the coolest thing ever. You can't buy that kind of thing in the store. So many people worry about buying the perfect toy for their kids for Christmas. But some of my favorite gifts were those my mother hand made!


Grannymar said...

I always like handmade gifts, I still have a few Elly made when she was small. I am sure we all know a child who opened an expensive gift only to set it down and play with the box or gift wrap!

Rummuser said...

From my weekly gratitude list you will find that I am showered with all kinds of gifts, none of them expensive, most of them home made food items or home grown vegetables or fruit and I value them more than any expensive shop bought gift that I might receive.