Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Act

My family always gives me a hard time for getting involved in helping strangers. So for this post, let me give you some situations, and see how you would act.

1. You are driving down the street and see an empty car with its lights on, parked in front of a house. How do you react?

2. You are walking through the store and see a child trying to climb out of a grocery cart, but their mother is no where to be seen. How do you react?

3. You see a stray dog walking down the street. (assuming that there is a leash law where you live) How do you react?

4. You see two people in the parking lot arguing with each other. They look like they might get in a fight. How do you react?

5. You see someone in a store that appears to be shoplifting. How do you react?

Each of these situations happened to me, and I did react. I'm interested to know how you react in like situations. I do believe that it is our responsibility to look out for our fellowmen. If we see someone in need, we should take the time to respond. We never know if we might find ourselves on the other side of the situation, and in great need. I encourage you to take each opportunity to help other. Take time to ACT!

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Grannymar said...

I'd leave the dog to its own devices, animals were well able to look after themselves until man began to cage and tame them.

I have called at a house to tell the house owner a car outside still had lights on. It is kinda important at the moment here, we have falling snow and temperatures of 1°C, so car batteries run down quickly.

On more than one occasion I have stopped and spoken quietly to fractious toddlers in the supermarket who were screaming their heads off. I reminded them that Santa had secret helpers watching out to see how little children were behaving - I can report 100% success with that one.

Since I am light in weight, have a heart condition and told to avoid stress, I would steer clear of an argument.

Rummuser said...

I too would act to change the situtation in every one of those listed by you, but in the case of the quarreling guys, I would possibly not.

I wonder if we share the same sun sign!

Ursula said...

Good point, Delirious. Unfortunately, you will be bitten, hit over the head, hauled over hot coals, and all other manner of teaching you to not stick your nose where unwanted. Not that I learn.

However, and think of me what you may, I'd never ever report a shop lifter. If they have the nerve, good luck to them. I pay through my nose for groceries. So if someone gets away with freebies good on them. Call it my good deed of the day.

Do I keep out of where there is danger to human life? So far so good. My nose is still intact. The Angel put his foot down the other night insisting I'd call the police rather than having his mother try and play Henry Kissinger to three drunkards - two of whom were kicking the shit out of number three. Don't ask.


PS Never come between an abandoned child and his/her mother. You will live to regret it.

blackwatertown said...

1. Knock on the door - I always do it when walking. Depends on the circumstances if driving.
2. Stop the child falling out - chat a bit - try to find mother/father/whoever. Failing that - trundle him or her along with me to the nearest member of staff. I realise - as Ursula says -that gratitude may not be forthcoming, but the risk to the child trumps any possible recrimination.
3. Dog - nothing - let it find its own way home.
4.Probably nothing - unless one looks much bigger than the other. I have occasionally lurked in case the need to intervene arises if it's a case of loads of against one. But best to enlist a bunch of people rather than embark on a solo suicide mission.
5. Interesting one - saw it the other night. Hadn't realised till a security guard noticed and searched a woman's bag as she left the shop. She then attacked him. He was fine and restrained - though clearly and naturally shaken and annoyed. --- I think the answer is - it depends.

shackman said...

1. If driving probably nothing, especially if there's a AAA stickerbut if walking I'd knock on the door.
2. Engage the child and chat until the wayward mom returns, maintaining a non-threatening distance
3.Nothing beyond calling animal control
4. Depends - might hover & call 911 but as my size automatically threatens I'd likely not get actively involved
5. Other than times when I was employed to catch shoplifters I'd have to say I have not encountered such a scenario, so I'm not sure.

I do believe we should strive to always do the right thing - even when nobody is watching - but I admit my report card is somewhat mixed.

Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary' said...

Delores, I so totally agree with you! We should help each other. Once, years ago in Ireland, I was going to work and a saw a load of broken glass on the pavement. I was very late but I picked up all the glass and as I couldn't find a bin anywhere, I walked back home and put it in the bin. I was very late for work, but I didn't care, I had to do that. When I was a kid in Ireland, a child in the same area fell on some broken glass on the road and bled to death before he could be brought to a hospital. I never forgot that and cannot pass by broken glass to this day.