Monday, July 25, 2011

Shock and Awe

I just got back home from a 12 day vacation to visit my family in Utah. I have to admit that I don't like being gone that long. I like even less that I had to leave my 18 year old to fend for himself. I did stock the cupboards and fridge with food for him, but I had to rely on him to feed my dog, which he dislikes, and the cat, and to water my garden. But I have to say that I am totally shocked that he did such a great job! Only one plant died in the process, and it was one that I was struggling to keep alive.

I kind of suspect this is what happened: This morning I sent him a text to let him know we were in Reno and would be home in a few hours. He texted back asking specifically what time we would be home. When I came in the house, I was shocked to see how clean it was! It was cleaner than I left it! I wondered if my husband's step mom had come over and cleaned for us. All of the dishes were done, and the entry hall was clean. The floor looked like it had been swept, and the living room and family room were both picked up. I found my son upstairs and asked if someone had come to clean. He said that he and his friend had done it. So I am kind of wonder if they started picking up when they got my text! lol

Whatever the story, it sure was nice to come home to a clean house. And it was nice to find squash ready to pick, and ripe tomatoes on the vine. My dog looked none the worse for wear, and my son seemed happy and healthy. Whew! Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.


Rummuser said...

I could not agree more. Nothing like coming back home, no matter what kind of a break one had had. I notice this every time I get back from my rare overnight outings,

Grannymar said...

Our young offspring behave better than we give them credit for at times.

Once on returning from a few days away, Elly(17) greeted us like an excited puppy. She had a chat with her dad (who was terminally ill at the time) before heading out to a pre arranged appointment. We both looked forward to a girlie chin-wag later that evening. While she was out I went to the broom cupboard for something and noticed the vacuum cleaner was placed in there in a different way to usual. Then I realised that ornaments were in different places too. Time for a little fun. When Elly and I were finally sitting chatting I asked casually how the party went.
"What party"? came her reply.
"The one where you got red wine on the ceiling"! With that the face became serious and she went to check the living room ceiling. LOL There was never any stain on the ceiling, but it let her know that I knew about a party!

The ornaments were removed for safekeeping and her pals had helped tidy, dust and vacuum the place before we returned.

The only problem I had, was from other peers of mine who thought I was a bad mother leaving a young daughter alone in the house while I swanned off on holiday!! It was not much of a holiday for me, it was a change of scene for Jack and a chance for me to have meals cooked and served to me, while I looked after my patient.

I didn't consider myself a bad mother, the freezer was full, friends knew where I was and how to contact me. I saw it as a way of preparing Elly for independence. I would have failed if I treated her as a child up and until the day she left for University in Scotland, and then expected her suddenly to behave like an adult.

Max Coutinho said...

Hi D!

I hope your vacations went well. I can say that I had a pleasant break myself.

Your son did a great job, blessed be he.
But I confess that as I read your description I thought "he hired a friend to do the job for him" LOL...that is what a cousin of mine did

Anyway, welcome back and you are right: there is no place like home.


Sandy@American Way Farm said...

It's nice to see kids growing up, isn't it. A few years ago I had to leave in an emergency, leaving a 16 yr old not only in charge of the house, but with a newborn lamb in cold weather. I quickly showed him how to manage the heat lamp, cautioning him about not letting it set the barn on fire. I was gone a week. When I got home the house was clean, all the farm animals were well fed, the lamb was thriving, and he had even phased out the need for the heat lamp as I had instructed. He's almost 19 now and preparing to go on a mission in about 6 months. He'll do just fine. They sure do make us proud!

Looney said...

I have a bunch of good kids, but nothing they have done would compare to what you described. Good for him!

Nene said...

Does he hire out? :0)