Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Eternity

Today's topic is "eternity", chosen by Anu.

In our religion, we have sacred temples wherein we take part in "eternal marriage". We believe that through the priesthood authority, our marriages aren't only "until death do we part", but are for eternity. We believe that we as husband and wife, are "sealed" together as a married couple for not only this earth life, but for the life to come.

Some people might wonder why we would want to be married to the same person for eternity! But now that I am coming up on 25 years married to the same man, I have to say that the longer I am married, the more happy I am that we will still be married after death separates us. In addition, our children are "sealed" as part of our family unit, and we are an "eternal family".

Quite often, after completing the marriage ceremony in the temple, the person officiating will ask the newly married couple to stand in front of a set of mirrors. The mirrors face each other, and if you stand just right, it appears that your reflection goes on forever. The couple is reminded that their's is an eternal relationship, and that they should work to make it one that they will be happy to have.

I sometimes think about what it will be like when this earth life is over, and my husband and I are reunited. We will probably spend the rest of eternity reminiscing about our life here on earth. And our experiences here will shape the kind of future that we have. I know that eternity goes on forever, but in someways, eternity is now. We are living in eternity. What we do now will always go with us. And the hardships and joys we experience will shape who we will be in the future. Kind of puts things in to perspective, doesn't it?

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Rummuser said...

This is a fantastic concept of marriage into eternity. This theme is very popular in India and many people believe that they had been married to each other in previous births and will be married to each other again in future births. There is of course the root belief in rebirths, and the concept of eternity therefore is different here.

Time itself is a big joke that God has played on us. It is a concept and does not have any reality to it. Now that idea itself deserves a complete discussion.

The more I learn about your Church from your posts, the more I admire it. Keep them coming.

Lisa said...

Wow!! So sweet and cute concept. Loved it. You are so happy with your husband in your married life that you want to be with him till eternity. What a lovely bonding and love between you two. Thanks for sharing.

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Grannymar said...

If marriage goes on into eternity, what happens if the widowed partner remarries? Is remarriage allowed?

Delirious said...

Very good question Grannymar. Those who have been "sealed" can be remarried, but do so for "time", meaning, "til death do us part". So for example, if my husband died, I could, if I chose, remarry someone just for this earth time.

Grannymar said...

Thanks Delirious for the reply. In our marriage vows we take someone "until death do us part".