Tuesday, June 21, 2011

They Come in Threes

Remember that old saying about threes? Hmmm...is it "good things", "bad things", or "deaths" that come in threes? Well maybe because I'm bad at remembering, I've had more than three. :)

1. The air conditioner compressor went out in my van the other day.

2. The battery in our little car died.

This is actually an interesting story. We decided to drive it to charge up the battery, and we ended up in another city. We decided to go somewhere to have the battery tested. But in the midst of our driving, we were talking and got distracted. We ended up parked at Costco. I said, "Oh dang, we should have parked closer to the repair garage." My husband said, "Oh don't worry, it will start again." He turned the key. Nothing happened. Oops. So we decided to go in to Costco and buy a new battery, and see if he could buy some tools to install it ourselves. We found the battery, but the only tools they had for sale came in a large set that was like $300. My husband, always the quick thinker, said, "No problem, I'll jump the car from this battery." So he did! It looked kind of "red-necked" to have the battery in a shopping cart pulled up next to our little car, but hey, it worked.

3. My dryer began to have problems and we took out the screen and found that lint had packed down in below the screen. (scary) I took out a chopstick and a vaccuum, and was able to get most of it out.

4. My refrigerator is not cooling properly. I might have to replace it. It is about 13 years old. How long should a refrigerator last?

5. My oven has been on it's last legs for quite some time.

6. My husband lost his good pair of glasses. We have offered money to the kids as a reward for finding them, but they still haven't shown up. It is possible that he forgot to zip his jacket pocket when he rode his motorcycle to work. :(

Okay, I guess my problems did come in threes. Two sets of them. :S


Nene said...

I would think your refrigerator had done its duty. Lay it to rest and bite the bullet and buy a new one. Rintor always goes to the scratch and dent place to get his appliances. Most of the time, the scratch or dent is on the side, so once you put it in, it doesn't show. We bought a fridge that way once too. Check it out.

Grannymar said...

Right now THREE is my least favourite number. Stick a one in front of it any day and I am fine '13' looks good to me.

I have a list like yours, but need my hand to heal before I tackle any of the problems.

At least I can still laugh.

Rummuser said...

Being compulsive about appliances, I don't usually land up in these kinds of binds, but other problems in threes, sixes and even cheaper by the dozens come, when least expected.

Inklings said...

"When it rains, it pours. " Sorry about all the problems. They say trials build character, but who wants to be a character? :0)
Remember when you sent me that Chinese character to put up in my house to bring good luck when we were having a string of bad luck? Do you want me to send it back?