Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Preparations

I've been doing a little preparing for father's day this week. I bought my husband a small gift, and then at his suggestion, one more. :) I bought the ingredients to make lasagne tomorrow for dinner.
I bought a gift to send to my own father, but I am worried he already has one, so I also sent the receipt. I also sent him some containers of different kinds of snacks: dried apricots, dried strawberries, pretzel mix, and chocolate covered peanuts and toffee mix. It cost me a lot to send, but my father is 85, and I won't have very many chances to send father's day gifts to him, so I sent what I wanted to send. :) I also sent a gift to my husband's step father. But he reads my blog, so I'm not telling what it is. ;)
Today I need to make some cookies for the fathers at church. My two counselors in my church position are also making some, so we will make up bags with three different kinds of cookies. It's not fancy, but they seem to like it. I'm making ginger snaps. They aren't really crispy, so don't really snap, but they taste good. :)
We stopped by my father in law's house and took him a combined birthday/father's day gift. Then the four of us went out to dinner. None of his other children have a good relationship with him, so I'm glad we could make his weekend special.
Happy father's day to all of my father blog readers. Raising children is something to be celebrated!

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Becky said...

I totally forgot about sending something to my dad until yesterday, when it was too late. It's hard to think of something for someone who already has everything they want! He was very gracious and said my phone call today was enough. (But I still have plans to send something later; and the unexpected surprise should make it more fun, right?)

Our Relief Society presidency made cookies for Father's Day as well. They made the announcement of a "treat for men 18 and over" and it was so cute to see the light bulb go off in Steven's head that that included him! Congratulations on your graduate as well. (I loved the list of unusual names!)