Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fool's Day

As you may already know, it is hard for me to let April Fool's day go by without pulling a prank. All day I kept looking for a chance. I did post something on facebook, but it was kind of lame. lol

My son is acting in a play at the High school. I'm not thrilled with their choice of play, and feel the theme is too adult for High school teenagers, but that's another story. So last night was the opening night of the play. My son hinted that it would be nice if we brought flowers.

I asked my husband to stop at Costco and pick up some flowers on his way home. I divided them in half and tied each half with a ribbon. After the play, when the actors all came out of the theater, I gave one bunch to my son, and the other to our former Bishop's daughter who is also in the play. They weren't too fancy, but it's the thought that counts, right?

So tonight I decided to go to the play again to show support for my son. As I thought about the flowers I gave him, and also remembered the date, I decided to play a little prank on him. When he came out of the theater at the end of the play, I happily presented him with a nicely bow-tied bunch of He grabbed it and melodramatically said, "And I'd like to thank my mother, and ...and....." I put my arm around him and said, "April Fools" :D


Grannymar said...

LOL that is so funny!

Becky said...

See that's a perfect prank - tailored to the individual, clever, non-destructive, and something that will bring fond memories (and a laugh) for years to come!

Nene said...

He's a good sport! :0)

Samm said...

This year, I pulled a prank on the coworker that I can't stand. It was harmless!

We put up signs all over one of the university's parking lots advertising that her kid was grounded and she was giving away free apple merchandise. We included her name and number.

She actually got a call several days later while at work. She was laughing so no harm no foul right? :)

We should chat about our pranks sometime and maybe swap ideas for next year!