Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

So the other day I was in Walmart and found some green t-shirts with a "Mountain Dew" loga, on clearance for $1. I bought a couple for my boys. Both boys decided they were going to wear them to school today. I should remind you that both boys have uniform policies at their schools! I told my youngest son that I didn't want to have to take clothes to the school later for him to change in to. He said that they give you 3 warnings before you get in real trouble, and he was willing to use up one of those warnings today. Hmmm. Maybe I'm a bad Mom, but I let him. My older son's school is a little more strict, and I know they would call me to bring him clothes, so I made him wear a uniform shirt under it, and bring a pair of uniform pants. I have been trying to opt him out of the policy, but the principal has deliberately not fulfilled his part of the process. Anyway, at least they won't get pinched today, right? :)

For breakfast, I decided to surprise my younger son and make him some green eggs. Luckily I had some food color on hand. Then I threw a couple of pieces of ham in the pan too. He said, "Green Eggs and Ham isn't part of St. Patrick's day." I told him I intended to just feed him the eggs, but the ham seemed to go with it. Or maybe I've just read the book too many times. He laughed at the green eggs, but not in a "Wow Mom you are funny!" kind of way. It was more in a sarcastic tone like, "Oh aren't you such a tricky Mommy to give me green food today?" :P I was laughing about it and he was giving me a hard time. Then suddenly he stopped and seriously said, "Mom, please don't draw a picture on my lunch bag." Now that is a kid who really knows his mom! When they were little I was always drawing pictures on their lunch bags. I said sweetly, "You don't want a leprechaun on your lunch sack?" He assured me he didn't. lol

I wore a green dress to seminary today. I didn't think the teenagers would pinch me if I didn't, but then again, you never know, right? lol It actually was two shades of green because I poured myself a glass of milk, and didn't notice the top of the car was icy this morning when I set it down to open the car door. It slid right off and decorated my lovely dress, and the side of my car. At that point I didn't have time to change, so I went back in the house and tried to sop my dress with a towel, then grabbed a pitcher of water to rinse the milk off the car. And that is how my St. Patrick's day started. Aren't you green with envy? ;)


Grannymar said...

Am I the only person not to go green on St Patrick's Day? I am Irish and we never colour our food or drink green. We associate it with our friends across the Pond.

I hear it has been confirmed that President Obama will visit Ireland and Moneygall the home of his ancestors, in May.

Delirious said...

Grannymar, the problem over here is that we have the tradition that if you don't wear green, people can pinch you. And they do! I don't know where the tradition came from, but unless we want some pinching, we have to comply! :)

I hadn't heard that news about Pres. Obama. It's interesting that he can name his ancestors, but still can't produce a birth certificate. ;)

Amber said...

you are so cute to make green eggs and ham! I think you are a fun mom! :)