Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mission Blog Gone Private

I think I blogged about this before, but I am still getting questions, so thought I would blog about it again. My daughter and son both have blogs set up where I post their mission letters. Somewhere along the way, another party decided to borrow their blog links to put on a "World mission blogs" (or something or other). My daughter was uncomfortable with them linking to her blog without her permission, so asked that I make her blog private. I have sent invites to those who were already following her blog, as well as family. If you are not allowed access to her blog, and would like to be, check your inbox for an invite from me. (It might have been bumped to the spam box). If you do not find one, then let me know and I will invite you. I will need a current email address to invite you.
For those who are wondering about my daughter who is serving in Taiwan, our understanding is that Taiwan was not affected by the earthquake/tsunami effects. She didn't even mention it in her letter, so I wonder if she had even heard the news. Missionaries don't read the newspaper or watch television while they are serving. My son in El Salvador said that the missionaries serving on the coast were brought inland for the day that the waves were to hit. They didn't receive any damaging waves though.
Anyway, if you don't have permission to read her blog and want it, please let me know!


Inklings said...

I thought you added me, but when I went to read it, it said I wasn't an invited reader. :0s

Amber said...

i was worried about her, but i googled it and it said that they had a tsunami warning in taiwan, but nothing ever happened to them, they just had some rainy days - p.s. I LOVE reading her letters, will you tell her for me? I think she's awesome!