Friday, March 11, 2011

Bottle Cap Picture

Nene asked for a picture of my son's pin he made. He actually made about 5 of them, and had them pinned to his back pack strap, but he gave those away at school. I think he only has this one left. I'm sure he will be making more! He also has been wearing some cool beanie hats, and the effect is that he looks like one of the little Rascals. ;) In this picture he was in the midst of combing his hair, and left the comb sticking there while I took the picture.

I, on the other hand, have decided to make some bottle cap necklaces that are one of the newer crafts out there. You use a rubber mallet to bend back the sharp edges. See the picture below. This one features a Van Gogh painting, but you can put any image you want!


Nene said...

I love this! And tell your son thanks for posing for the pic! Too cute!

Amber said...

the one he has pinned to his shirt reminds me of the "grape" one in the "Up" movie :) - i think these are really cute! - he could even super glue or hot glue an actual pin back to them too if he didn't want to use a safety pin!