Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beach Therapy

On Sunday we planned to go to church at 1:00, but since we believe in keeping the Sabbath day holy, we didn't want to do activities that might not be in keeping with that, so we just went to the beach for a walk. I would love to go back when the weather is warmer and we could actually play in the water. This is Pismo beach, and it is flat for quite a distance, and the sand is fine and clean. You can drive your car out on to the beach ($5 for the day). It was nice to just walk and enjoy the sound of the waves. My husband was already dressed in his suit. All I needed to do was slip on a skirt and high heels, and I would be ready for church. :) It didn't storm on us, but it was overcast all day.


Nene said...

Good picture of you, and I really like your hair!

Inklings said...

That is a good picture, and it looks fun to walk on the beach.