Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Eve Surprise

On new year's eve my family decided to play Monopoly. I HATE Monopoly. I would rather not play at all than play Monopoly. It's just not my kind of board game. Anyway, so I decided to just lay in bed and watch tv while they played the game. I was kind of dozing off and on. (Yea, I know, I can't stay up late any more. lol) I kept hearing the cat meow. He is a cute little gray cat with white paws. Every so often I would hear him meow, and I would call out to him, but he never came to me. We spoil him and keep a little cup of water on the bathroom counter for him. Finally I heard him meowing in the bathroom, so I decided to get up and see why he was meowing. Suddenly I saw a flash of gray and white go past me. I got up and saw that it was a different cat! Just then my 12 year old came out of his room and saw the cat and thought it was our Eddie. I said, "That's not Eddie, we have an extra cat!" Just then our cat got a little too close to the stranger cat and it jumped and ran for it's life down the stairs. The door to the garage was open, and he made a bee line for freedom. lol What are the odds that a cat, the same color as ours, wanders in to our house? My kids would have loved to have a second gray cat!


Nene said...

How do you think he got in? A case of mistaken identity? :0)

Marla said...

Ok, that is funny.

Delirious said...

I meant to answer this earlier Nene, but was having issues with my internet. Anyway, when the weather isn't too cold, we leave the door to the garage open. (through the laundry room) That's how the cat got in, and out. :)