Saturday, January 01, 2011

Daily Miracles

Lately we've been having car trouble. Our van was having trouble starting, and my husband said he felt it was probably the starter. It finally got to the point that we couldn't start it at all. He planned to put in a new starter, but was putting it off because it's kind of hard to get to in this car. But I have to teach this next week, so I really need a car!

Meanwhile, our daughter's car wouldn't start either. My husband suspected it was the battery, so took the battery out of the van and put it in the other car to see if it would start. It did, so he bought a new battery for it. But he never got around to putting that battery back in the van.

Yesterday we decided we needed to do something once and for all about the van. My husband said he really just didn't want to do the work himself, and wanted to tow the car down to the repair shop. We have 3 choices of vehicles to do this with. One is an unregistered truck that has a tow thing on the back. Then there is my daughters car that is also unregistered. Both of these cars sit idle in our driveway. The third choice is our little Yaris. It is a real, life-size matchbox car. ;) My husband was trying to figure out which of these cars to use. I was afraid that if he towed a car, he could get stopped by the police. If he was driving either of the non-registered cars, he would get a ticket. He tried to figure out a way to have the Yaris tow it. But the bumper is such that there was no way to do it without ruining the bumper.

Suddenly I got an idea. I said, "Put the battery back in the van, and see if you can get it to start one more time." He did, and it started right up! We were able to drive it to the repair shop! That may not seem like a miracle to some people, but trust me, we had tried and tried to start that car with no results. And that is the last miracle we experienced in 2010. :)


Ramana Rajgopaul said...

But of course it is a miracle. Most people have such miracles happening all the time without recognizing them as such. Not I.

Marla said...

I love the everyday miracles in life.

Nene said...

Always recognize them as miracles!

Samm said...

I was having problems with my ignition a while back, and it was always a miracle to get the key turned. I had to jangle the key so much that I got calluses on my fingers where I hold the key. Needless to say I finally got it fixed after sitting in the Walmart parking lot for around 45 minutes.