Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Ugly Duckling Was a Swan

My confession for the year is that I am a fan of "America's Next Top Model". What draws me to it most isn't really fashion, but the art of the photographs. I am constantly amazed at the beautiful photography. Some people might criticize the show because it is focused on beauty. But this isn't the typical magazine type modeling you normally see. It's a notch above, and very, very creative.

This season was particularly inspiring for me. From the very start, I had my eye on one particular model who didn't fit the "mold". She is 6'2" and very thin. She has ears that stick out, and she is kind of shy. But one thing I have learned from watching the show is that true beauty is not a perfect face. It is that one flaw that gives interest to a face. This girl, Ann Ward, was kind of an "ugly duckling" in person, but something magical happens when she gets in front of the camera. I saw it from the start, and I rooted for her because she was the "under dog". She had been made fun of since she was a child. I could identify with her because I was an "ugly duckling" myself. (I'm still waiting for the swan part. lol) When it came to the final decision, I was sure they would choose the other girl because, as she herself said, she was the "whole package". She was a girl who knew much about fashion. She had more experience modeling. She had wanted this since she was a child. Her pictures were very pretty. But there was something mesmerizing about Ann's pictures. I felt it would be a terrible shame for Ann's special talent to be lost.

Having said that, I don't like what is happening in the industry. There is too much immodesty and sexuality shown. It's just not needed. We have gotten away from the anorexia of the past, and that look doesn't sell any more. In fact, one model who was on the show was dismissed early in the season because she was too skinny. But I still am unhappy with the lack of modesty in the industry. I wouldn't want a child of mine to be a model because of this reason.

But back to Ann. I want to show you how she is transformed in front of a camera. Here is a picture of her as she appears in her normal life, and then a picture of her in front of the camera. What I love about these pictures is that they show that beauty isn't cookie cutter. And watching the show has helped me to appreciate the beauty in every woman more.


Samm said...

My confession, I love that show as well! It does exactly what you say it does! Also, one time I was watching it, and one of the models picked a wedgie in front of the camera during a pajama party.

I also adore Tyra!!!

Anyway, great post!

Nene said...

Wow, it's hard to even imagine that it's the same girl! Doesn't it make you wonder what you'd look like if they did the same with you? I mean, part of it is photo-shop and air brushing, right? :0)

Delirious said...

Actually Nene, this has nothing to do with the airbrushing. This girl has natural talent in this. I could have all the air brushing in the world, and I couldn't produce a picture like this. This is the whole point of the show. They have tons of pretty girls on the show, but it takes a special talent to bring this kind of look to a photograph. They have eliminated many girls who were prettier than her. Some of it has to do with allowing herself to show emotion, which most people don't feel comfortable doing. Yes, the makeup helps her, but she is also very photogenic too. The angles of her face do well on camera.

Marla said...

I don't watch the show but I can see what you mean. Very pretty girl. I hate what our culture calls fashion today. It's about sex/sexuality and not in the good way. Our poor children.