Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Morning Conversations With My Son

(In the car on the way to school.)

Son: "Eww. This cinnamon toast is gross."
Me: "How could it be gross?"
Son: "It's cold, and I can taste the butter too much."
Me: "I barely put any butter on it. Try folding it in half to eat it."
Son: (folds toast in half) "No, it's still gross because it's cold."
Me: "Put it in front of the heater and heat it up."
Son: "Oh great, now the cinnamon and sugar blew all over me."
Me: (in a high pitched girly voice) "Oh you are so sweet! You smell just like cinnamon and sugar!"
Son: "Mom..... I always smell like that."

Me: (noticing the left turn arrow was green) "Stay green! Stay green!"
Son: "Push it Mom!"
Me: "I'm going as fast as I can, considering this big turn I have to make."
Son: "Tip it! Drift! Go on two wheels!"
Me: "No thanks."


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This is priceless~