Saturday, November 27, 2010


Inklings posted about getting a call asking her and Dee Ice to meet with the Bishop. They currently teach the 5 year olds and are perfectly content. Now she has several days to worry about what the Bishop wants them to do next. :) She said she wished they would just grab her in the hall at church and have her meet with the bishop then instead of giving her advance notice. It's just stressful wondering for those days what is going to happen. That reminded me of last Sunday.

On...I think it was Sunday morning, the Bishop's executive secretary called and asked me if I would give the closing prayer in church. I said no problem, praying is the easy stuff. ;) Now, I have to word this next part carefully. lol That day we had the visiting "High Councillors" speak to us in church. In Mormon culture, we jokingly refer to them as "Dry Councillors" because by and large they give boring talks. lol

One of them gave a really great talk that I really enjoyed. The other one tends to read his talk, and he reads a little too slowly for my brain, and I can't pay attention. I am kind of A.D.D. anyway, and listening is difficult. When this man speaks what he is thinking, he is quite interesting. But when he reads his talk, he loses me. I got the basic drift of his talk, but my mind kept wandering. At times I looked around and saw other people intently listening. Well, at least they appeared to be listening. Maybe their minds were wandering too. But seeing them would make me try to give a concerted effort to listen. That would last about 15 seconds, then my mind would wander again.

By the time this man was finished speaking, I was so relieved, and my mind was really gone. I can't remember what I was thinking about, but I was thinking about it so intently that I didn't even see the Bishopric member get up and announce who would be giving the closing prayer. I didn't hear him either. My mind was GONE! We sang the closing song, and then as I sat there thinking about whatever my mind was dwelling on, the thought occurred to me, "They are waiting for the person to give the closing prayer. Closing...prayer....Huh? Wait! That's me!" I jumped up and gave the prayer.

What I learned about this is that when I am asked to give the prayer, and I actually remember that fact, I get nervous. But when I forget it's supposed to be me, I dno't get nervous when I remember at the last second! lol I think they should just randomly ask people at the last second to pray. It's a much less stressful experience! lol


Amber said...

lol sounds like something I would do! I have a hard time listening in church too - so sometimes I just give up and read scriptures

Mrs. K said...

I had to give the opening prayer in church a few weeks ago, no big deal for me. As we are singing the sacrament hymn, part of my prayer ran through my mind......"And please bless Pres. Hinckley and his counselors..." I turned to my daughter and asked her if that's what I had said. She nodded and started laughing. ;o)


Marla said...

Oh my gosh, I got a good laugh form this. Sounds like something I would do.