Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Hearts on Black Friday

I saw a comment on Facebook today that I couldn't believe. A friend of mine said she got up early to go to Walmart's early sale. As it turned out, they didn't even have the item she went to buy. Figures. You know what they say; anyone can sell it for that price if they are out of stock. :P But what really shocked me was a comment she made a little later in the morning. Turns out that there were two ladies fighting over a toy, so one of them maced the other! As my friend said, "Come on, nothing is worth that!" Wow...people are really selfish.


Nene said...

Good grief!

Amber said...

no doubt! makes you want to remind them that santa claus is watching and that that isn't showing the christmas spirit!

Marla said...

The whole Black Friday thing is scary, stupid, ridiculous to me. We really don't need all the stuff the media tells us we do.