Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tremors, or TMI

In the past year or so I have noticed that I have developed something of a tremor. I usually notice it when I'm sitting in church sharing a hymnbook with someone else. Their side of the book stays perfectly still, while mine shakes. My knees sometimes shake too while I'm sitting there. One time in church a woman sharing a book with me turned and asked me if I was okay. I mumbled that I tremble some times, and she said, "I hope you are okay!". Other people have wondered if I have Parkinson's disease. Several people have made that comment, so I looked it up online to see if I fit the profile. I don't have this trembling all the time, it's intermittent. Yesterday I went in to talk to my doctor about it. His first reaction was what I hoped it would be: "Well that could be your thyroid." But just to make sure, he ordered some tests, and even volunteered to have me see a neurologist if necessary. I do think it's the thyroid. I know that you can get "shaky" from low blood sugar too, but I've had that, and it's different.

I have been thinking lately that if I were a breeder of dogs, and I had a dog with as many faulty health genes as I do, I wouldn't breed it! Too late for me as a human though because I already have 4 kids.

I really like this doctor though. I've been seeing him for about 15 years. What I like about him is that he never minimizes what I tell him, but at the same time he never over reacts. He is thorough, and will do whatever tests I think need to be done, as well as the ones he thinks should be done. He is kind and soft spoken, and always checks my health history carefully. And believe it or not, he is a Kaiser doctor! ;)


Nene said...

I love it when you can find a dr like that. I had 1 pediatrician like that and 1 ob/gyn like that. Also, Survival Knife's eye dr was that way too. We're looking for another GP doctor right now, so I hope I can find one I like. Hope your tests come out ok, and I'm glad you decided to go ask your dr about that.

Amber said...

I never knew that thyroid could cause you to be shaky - whatever it is I hope he can get it to stop, he sounds like a good doctor!

Inklings said...

I hope they can fix that! And I hope it is nothing serious.

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

You are lucky to have such a doctor. I hope that it is nothing serious and you come out of it fast. My best wishes.