Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finding Art

I used to visit this woman from church that had been a school teacher/ author. In the summer, to supplement their teaching careers, she and her husband wrote children's books. She also was something of an artist. Her father was an artist by trade. One time when I went to her home, I noticed an arrangement of all kinds of dried weeds in a vase. Some of them looked like dried Thistle heads, and some were other interesting dried plants. I commented on how interesting and beautiful the arrangement was. She told me that her father always tried to help his children find art in the common things. She said every fall he would take his children out to gather the brown, dried up plants. They would make arrangements in vases in their home. Most people might look at them as just a bunch of weeds, but they looked beautiful in her home. As I was out walking today by the reservoir I saw some dried thistle heads and remembered my friend. I might just need to gather a bouquet for the coming fall months!


Nene said...

I have a friend who lived on a farm growing up and was quite poor. She said her mother used to go out and get wildflowers and all kinds of plants that she could find outdoors and bring them in and decorate their house, and even their front door. She too, would use plants that you or I would probably overlook.

Amber said...

There's a wreath on etsy that I really like it's all dried thistles or something spikey and brown and it has a green satin ribbon bow on it, it's really pretty, I want to get it for my front door for fall :)

Inklings said...

You won't remember this probably, too young, but at Grandpa and Grandma's 50th wedding they had weed arrangements in goblets on the table and they looked great. A friend of mine also has them in vases in her house in the fall, and they are very beautiful.